Our services include Social Media Management, Public Relations Campaigns, Events, Advertising, and Media Buys. We also provide the foundation for your company to manage these marketing tools with our Media Training Workshops.

Social Media is one of the most powerful forms of Customer Relationship Management (CRM) technology that businesses of all sizes can utilize. Social presence of your company will allow you to interact with your customers in new and creative ways instantly, while obtaining rich data and feedback to help grow your business. Although revolutionary in how people interact, social media can also be overwhelming and time consuming.

We will enable your company to build customer loyalty and interpersonal relationships through social media outlets. A uniquely designed program will increase customer satisfaction, give you quick access to feedback on your product or services, and drive down overall marketing costs of your business.

  • Public Relations campaigns are often the easiest route for your company to share their message. Our traditional media outlets are direct forms of communication to thousands of readers. After consulting your direction, we will assist in executing media strategies to support your company.

  • Events are often a marketing opportunity to let people know you are there. Whether you are celebrating a Grand Opening, Anniversary, Expansion, or just want to host an event, it can be an opportunity for your clients or customers to connect. We can assist in coordinating a tailored event that will not only be enjoyable, but beneficial for your company.

  • Social Media Campaigns whether it’s training your internal staff our providing you maintenance, social media is an effective tool for brand awareness. As professionals in this field, we can provide you with a hands-on-training, market research, and strategy to streamline your campaign. Quarterly audits, AVE reports and conversion goals can be set to gauge how social media or public relations is benefitting your company.

  • Advertising and Media Buys may be overwhelming when you’re working with a limited budget and endless advertising opportunities. We can consult with your company on what direction works best for your budget. We also work with several contractors in design, web development, branding, and media kits. Upon a retainer agreement, we also waive agency fees, making advertising your business affordable and simple.

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