Our mission is to provide customers with quality, forward thinking, cutting edge, knowledgeable, and honest marketing strategies through traditional and new media while being mindful of our impact on the economy and community.


Our Passion

Urban Pacific Communications is dedicated to providing affordable marketing services for companies of all sizes. Our interest lies in forging long-term relationships, working with you to grow your company and bring your vision to fruition. We choose clients who are aligned with our mission, our morals, and who seek to form a mutually beneficial relationship. We believe in honest billing and transparent fees. No hidden costs.

Our current client list is available upon request.


The cherry blossom is a significant flower found within the Pacific Rim, Asia, and the United States. The significance of the cherry blossom tree in Japanese culture represents the fragility and the beauty of life. It is a reminder that although short, we live a life with the opportunity to spread beauty and do good for others.

Lacy Lyons, Chief Executive Officer

Lacy Lyons, Chief Executive Officer

"I am very enthusiastic about what we offer clients and the integrity of our products. It feels good to support businesses with their brand, while providing communication solutions and value to Hawaii.

We have been able to put together a dynamic team that incorporates traditional uses of media with modern forms of marketing including exciting graphics, video content and utilizing the current trends in technology. Our staff is trained in the latest social media tools and we are constantly educating ourselves on the changing industry. The combination of multimedia gives our clients a well rounded marketing campaign. I am proud to be a part of supporting Hawaii’s growing economy."

– Lacy Lyons, Chief Executive Officer